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Few Important Facts of Viagra, Sex Pills, Blue pills,Cialis and Levitra  

Whenever I read or hear about Viagra Sex Pills I get reminded about the famous song of Tom Waits “Step Right Up” wherein Tom sells all kinds of magic products to clear all your woes and needs. Ever since it was first brought into the market in the late 20th century and up until now, Viagra sex pills have been considered a wonder drug by many, for dealing with problems like erectile dysfunction. The drug is closely followed by its competitors like Cialis, Viva blue Pill, Levitra and a number of other alternatives Sex Pills.

Viagra sex pills makes men confident about themselves. In addition to improving virility in men, it eliminates problems related to erectile dysfunction, restores manlihood, improves sexual relationship between varied couples and thereby satisfying them, gives harder erections to men until the end of their lives and above all, provides a ray of hope for all housewives. When the first sex pills were released on 1998 , they were most sought after by not only those people that had E.D. (Erectile Dysfunction) problems but also perfectly healthy men wanted to try them out for recreational purposes as well !!. Rumor was rife back then that promised to convert 60 year old men into 20 year olds in the bed and the 20 year olds into studs that would perform 7 times during a night. Since then Viva Blue Sex pills and many other sex pills  have been sold as recreational drugs at various places including bars and clubs, throughout the UK, USA and Europe.

Medical professionals have always been interested to know how these ED drugs could be used along side many other recreational drugs.

Despite all the hype surrounding Viagra and Viva blue pills, one has to realize that Viagra sex pills  do not make men into “superhumans” overnight. It will certainly not make them attentive lovers. This is because penetrative sex alone does not matter for women to reach orgasms. At least 50 to 90%% of them claim to have expressed it this way, as per a recent survey.

Like most other pills that claim to do big things, Viagra too is not a “wonder drug”. In fact, no pill or medicine can ever claim of doing these things in a record time.

There are people that consume Sex Pills with the fear of encountering disorders like erectile dysfunction. This is quite similar to people that take Aspirin daily to ensure they stay away from a possible heart attack anytime in the future.

There’s no doubt in the fact that Vira sex pills and blue pills have been hugely popular products and that they have benefited countless people across the globe. They have managed to create positive impact on people that were suffering from disorders like erectile dysfunction. The fact that 27 million people consumed Viagra and other sex pills across 120 countries over the last 9 years indicates how popular and necessary they are. However, a well known drug manufacturing company -Pfizer, is said to have claimed that close to 9 Viagra pills are being sold every second. Interestingly, this translates to 300 million tablets per annum.

As per the record available, the sales of the big 3 – Viagra, Cialis and Levitra sex pills are believed to have equaled $3.5 billion. An estimated amount of $550 million was spent on the advertising of Viagra in 2011 alone. From being a ” blue pill” to being a drug lexicon, Viagra has got the same brand recognition as that of  Burberry and Moet Chandon !. It has provided a fresh stock of fodder for numerous comedy artists across the various worldwide TV channels.

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