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Golden Root complex is a unique combination of 15 safe & effective herbs. Take 1 capsule 30 minutes before lovemaking for a great time. Have the confidence of knowing that you can satisfy your partner everytime.

It will boost your drive, increase your stamina & also give you a longer and harder erection. You will be more than happy with this product. Men can enjoy a powerful, multiple & long lasting erection also relief from premature ejaculation whilst both men & women can enjoy an incredible boost of stamina.

Natural Blue Pill aphrodisiac – combination of 15 safe, effective herbs

Powerful, safe and effective. Golden Root is a great pill to make good sex great and cure erectile dysfunction!
The Blue Pill aphrodisiac…Golden Root sex pill – is a combination of 16 safe, and effective herbs.

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10 x 300mg pack – £18.95

Golden Root “Sex Pills”

Strong Potent formulation to give Rockhard Erections

Impressive bigger erections within 30 minutes

Stronger… longer Orgasms

The Original, Blue Sex Pill aphrodisiac – It’s a combination of 16 Natural , effective herbs.


Our Golden Root are original and from the main European supplier in Manchester, UK., there are lots of fake copies on the internet and these don’t work, or are tainted,We are so confident that if you want to try our genuine ones you also have our 90 day money back guarantee !!

In addition to the existing herbal and pharmacological merchandises that most virile men desire in getting the most out of there sex lives, there’s one more natural product in the offering.

The Golden Root Blue pill is what we are talking about .

Being herbal aphrodisiac in nature, this penis pill is known to improve sexual efficiency and stimulation. According to many legends surrounding it, it also helps men to correct their erectile dysfunction problems.

The leaves and stems of the herbal plants used in the manufacturing of Golden root sex pills are typically pulped and dried in order to extract the liquid content from it.

The herbs are proven to have many natural substances that act as aphrodisiacs and sexual stimulants. In addition to relieving you from fatigue and lack of sexual desire the herbs stimulate and also improve your sexual drive considerably. This in turn helps in correcting disorders like erectile dysfunction.

One of the key elements of the Golden Root blue, sex pill , which contains Horny Goat weed is icariin extract, this works by increasing levels of Nitric oxide the action of which is to relax smooth muscle tissue,which in turn allows more blood to flow into the Penis and become much harder obviously this helps immeasurably in boosting in sexual vigor and potency.

All the natural substances present in Golden root blue pills , act slowly by increasing the stamina and power and there by improving one’s well-being physically. The production of sexual hormones gets aided through these substances. In addition to this, the herbs are largely used in ancient Chinese medicines to alleviate a number of ailments like knee joint pains, back pains and liver diseases. Another herb in Goldenroot sex pills known as Tongkat Ali has been found useful in the production of testosterone. Though it is compare to ginseng it is more than 4 times stronger than it. As and when the testosterone levels are enhanced, the sex hormones (estrogens and androgens) automatically signal the body to stop producing its own testosterone. Tongkat Ali does not follow this procedure. In fact, it further stimulates pituitary and hypothalamus glands to keep on producing testosterone. When the testes are in full swing producing it, the testicles and penis naturally get enhanced and invigorated

Tongkat Ali another key ingredient in Golden Root sex pills can be harvested, either through extracting their natural substances into liquid or by extracting their roots and stem and converting to powder and encapsulating it in a capsule form. Natural herbs like the Horny Goat Weed are not known to create any side effects that are so common in other products like Viagra. People who have consumed Viagra at some point in time are known to have suffered from nausea, headache, irregular heartbeats, fluctuating blood pressure, etc. However, the majority of users of Golden root have not suffered from these side effects.

They are not just preferred as they are inexpensive but they are practically safe and are effective in their functioning.

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